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Allegro™ Unison hMSCs and Media

Accelerating mesenchymal stem cell applications for cell therapy and regenerative medicine development

Allegro Unison human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) and media facilitate large scale hMSC expansion and accelerate cell therapy and regenerative medicine development.

Kleenpak® Presto Sterile Genderless Connectors

Genderless sterile connections - Intuitive, reliable, secure

With its intuitive operation and three simple steps – Click, Pull, Twist – the new Kleenpak Presto connector gives even greater levels of sterility assurance. Made from Bisphenol-A free polyethersulfone, each device can be autoclaved or gamma–irradiated.

Cadence™ BioSMB Process System

The Cadence™ BioSMB Process system adds to our single-use continuous, multi-column chromatography line with a scalable platform from process development (PD) to clinical manufacture under GMP while maintaining sorbent, buffers, and overall process parameters.

Pegasus™ Prime Virus Filtration

Pegasus™ Prime virus removal filters provide robust retention of small viruses to protect critical manufacturing processes, assure drug quality and safeguard health.

Allegro™ STR 2000 Single-Use Stirred Tank Bioreactor

Pall continues to improve cell culture with the launch of the 2000 L single-use bioreactor with working volumes of 400 to 2000 L.

Cadence™ Acoustic Separator

An innovative, enabling technology for continuous clarification of batch CHO cell culture. Single-use continuous acoustophoretic clarification is optimized for high density CHO cell culture.

Cadence™ BioSMB PD System

The first disposable flow path, continuous multi-column chromatography solution to be fully scalable from the process development laboratory to GMP manufacturing scale.

HyperCel™ STAR CEX Cation Exchange Chromatography Sorbent

A catalog item offered in bulk or prepacked columns to improve cation exchange purification at any scale.

CMM HyperCel™ Cation Exchange Mixed-Mode Chromatography Sorbent

These new sorbents are a versatile tool, able to efficiently remove HCP and aggregates from mAbs, or to separate very close molecules at any scale.