August 31, 2017

Introducing the next generation in simplified single-use biomanufacturing, the Allegro™ XRS 25 bioreactor system. This new system combines the innovative mPath™ controller, Pall Link SCADA software package, XRS 25 bioreactor platform and single-use biocontainer to create a benchtop solution ideal for applications ranging from the process development laboratory to the full-scale cGMP production suite.


Pall’s new Allegro XRS 25 system improves on existing rocker-style bioreactors by the use of an Allegro 3D biocontainer coupled with a unique ‘bi-axial’ agitation mode that creates more efficient mixing, higher mass transfer and superior temperature stability. This in turn creates best-in-class cell culture performance: higher cell densities, higher cell viabilities and increased total product titer. Thoughtful industrial design and special biocontainer features (integrated gamma-stable single-use sensors, bottom drain, high capacity filters, pre-assembled tubing sets) ensure operational simplicity, superior robustness and ease-of-use compared to existing rocker technologies. 

A complete cell culture bioreactor system combining innovative hardware and software to deliver a benchtop solution ideal for applications at all scales.