The Accelerator Virtual Reality (VR) Training Center is another critical element in our blended training approach that complements classroom training, hands-on training, and e-training.


It provides instant, scalable access to training programs and permits learning-by-doing for a wide variety of Pall® technology without the constraints of trainer and equipment availability.


From the introduction of new processes to the onboarding of new operators, and to routine re-training, the use of VR training is cost-effective and supplements the site training requirements to reduce the trainer-time bottleneck and decrease the total training time.



VR Training on Process Applications – Guided Tours



Covering typical bioprocessing platforms, such as upstream and downstream large-scale production platforms for adeno-associated virus, lentivirus and other drug modalities. Trainees are immersed in a virtual production room and taken through the process step-by-step with key process information, instructional videos and links to relevant material in the e-training center. Critical process knowledge is evaluated by a quiz throughout the guided tour.

All guided tours can be accessed through the Accelerator Vision Platform



VR Training on Equipment



Focus on how to operate an individual piece of equipment. Trainees are immersed in a virtual suite with a detailed, interactive replica of the equipment to be used in production.


Video and audio instructions are embedded and guide the trainees through each training module. Training in this virtual, safe environment allows individuals to learn at their own pace and to discover how to handle and use each item of the equipment.


Performance is tracked and evaluations and completion certificates are saved on the platform for training records.


All the VR training content can be accessed either using a VR headset or via a computer when a headset is not available. Watch this video learn how to access the content through the Accelerator Vision Platform