Cannabis Sample Preparation Solutions from Pall Laboratory

Filtration during sample preparation helps facilitate cannabis testing, including cannabinoids, potency, pesticides and terpenes, as well as yeast and mold  and bacterial contamination. Pall’s wide variety of sample preparation products simplify and streamline cannabis analysis, enabling fast release to market through reliable QC data.


  • Accurate and reliable results for potency, pesticides and terpene analyses with the Acrodisc® syringe filter.
  • Streamline nucleic acid purification processes for PCR workflows including yeast and mold contamination and plant strain determination with Pall’s Nucleic Acid Binding products.
  • Perform sensitive membrane filtration testing for microbial contamination using Pall’s MicroFunnel™  filter funnels.  


Pall Laboratory’s wide range of filtration products provide a complete solution to your cannabis sample prep needs. 



Cannabis: R&D to Final Product in 3 Steps


1) Research and Product Development

To develop a safe product for customers, the researcher must fully characterize the cannabis plant and all materials used in the development process, including plant strains, terpenes and potency.


Products for Pesticide, Terpene and Potency Testing




2)  Incoming Materials and  in Process Monitoring

Incoming raw materials must be tested for pesticide residue, metals contamination. Bacterial and yeast & mold contamination. Testing is conducted during the manufacturing process to ensure safety and consistent yield. 


Nucleic Acid Binding (NAB) Products for Strain Determination, Yeast and Mold Contamination




3) Final Product Release Testing

Final products must be safe for human consumption and accurately reflect labeling claims. Final products must be tested for a range of contaminants including pesticides, metals, potency, and microbial contamination


MicroFunnel Filter Funnels for Microbial Contamination


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Pall Corporation does not support, encourage or promote the use of its products or services in connection with any illegal use, cultivation or trade of cannabis or cannabis products. Pall products are intended to be used for cannabis related purposes only in compliance with all applicable laws in a manner that promotes public safety and/or in connection with any lawful and approved scientific or research activities.