Track Contamination in Environmental Water

Efficient, simple, high to low volume membrane filtration for microbial monitoring in the lab and field

Choose Wisely for Water Quality Testing

From Legionella to Cryptosporidium to Giardia

Microbial quality testing of environmental water samples, including from municipal water sources, public bodies of water, cooling towers or wastewater, can by nature be difficult work, both during field collection and in the laboratory. We offer tools that provide solutions from faster flow rates for high volume sampling, to portability for in-field collection, all while meeting necessary regulatory requirements.





The Sentino® pump is designed for portability for water testing work away from the bench.  


  • On-board battery is a perfect choice for in-field work 
  • Save time by coupling with our pre-sterilized MicroFunnel™ filter funnel with a polycarbonate (PC) membrane in 100 or 300 mL volumes
  • Filter samples immediately for elution and further analysis back at the lab, removing the need to collect and store pre-filtered samples



EnviroChek® filtration capsules and associated shaker make clog-free collection of large volume pond, lake, stream and other water easy. 


  • No assembly or cleaning of filter holders or elution equipment and no cross-contamination worries with pre-sterilized, disposable cartridges
  • Our high volume (HV) capsules filter up to 1000 L of drinking water and 50 L of source water with no clogging
  • Efficiently process up to eight capsules at once on our shaker
  • Along with high flow rates and up to 70% recovery, eliminate false-negatives with a 1 µm pore size

Featured Products

Envirochek Filtration Capsules and Shaker

Envirochek Filtration Capsules and Shaker

Approved for EPA method 1623.1 for monitoring Cryptosporidium and Giardia, including 100% integrity testing and serialization for traceability

MicroFunnel Filter Funnel with 0.4 µm PC Membrane

MicroFunnel Filter Funnel with 0.4 µm PC Membrane

Membrane’s flat, smooth surface provides easy elution of organisms or particulates for further analysis.

Sentino Pump

Sentino Pump

Compact footprint and portable design with battery operation option enables in-field filtration, reducing space required for storage and transport of samples.

Pall’s Microbiology QC Environmental Workflow

Environmental & Municipal Water Featured Videos


EnviroChek Sample Filtration and Elution Steps


Watch the EnviroChek HV capsules make quick work of large volume environmental filtration.

Sentino Pump 


See how this compact, easy-to-use option is a simple solution for fewer filtration needs and in-field work.