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Sterile Filtration Membrane

Explore the Performance of Our Sterile Filtration Membranes

Proven performance

Microbial and Particulate-Free Design

Filtration is used to remove particulate and contamination from fluids. Filtering through a 0.2 µm pore size is considered necessary to generate a sterile filtrate. Solutions for filtration can range in volume from just a few milliliters to many liters. Typical fluids may include media with or without serum, buffers, biologic or proteinaceous samples, reagents or other fluids that needs to be free of particulate or microbial contamination.


A filter recognized as suitable for producing sterile filtrate is 0.2 µm pore size and capable of passing a bacterial challenge to retain a minimum of 107 cfu/cm² of B. dimunita. It should be noted that some samples may benefit from 0.1 µm pore size filtration, see Mycoplasma Removal, to ensure a sterile filtrate for sensitive cell culture applications. Sterile filtration is used for many applications:


  • Media with or without serum to support the growth of cell culture
  • Other reagents or solutions with sensitive components that may degrade when exposed to autoclave temperatures
  • No access to an autoclave
  • Filtering supplements for addition to sterile growth media
  • Filtering samples to prevent microbial growth during storage
  • Filtering buffers to remove particulate and prevent microbial growth during storage
  • Filtering a biologic sample for analytical analysis to protect the expensive instrument from microbial contamination.
  • Filtering environmental samples for analysis
  • Filtering post-fermentation broths for further purification or analysis


Although sterile filtration is accepted to be 0.2 µm pore size, our comprehensive, sterile filter product range includes larger pore sizes that may be used on samples that would be harmed if contaminated by microbes during use of a non-sterile device.


We offer a range of sterile filtration products to meet you different volume size applications. Our products range from membranes, syringe filters, vacuum devices to larger capsules.


Our AcroPak capsule products range in size from 20 cm2 to 1500 cm2 effective filtration area (EFA). Three membranes choices are available in configurations that scale up to products for pilot and full-scale production. 



AcroPak Products with Supor® Membrane - Quickly process difficult-to-filter solutions such as serum, serum supplemented culture media, and viscous or particulate-laden solutions. Supor membrane offers high flow rates and consistently higher total solution throughputs due to higher porosity than most other membranes. It is ideal in situations where rapid filtration or short processing times are essential or where low protein binding is required.

AcroPak table

AcroPak capsules are also available with Fluorodyne membrane and Supor EKV.


AcroPak™ 400 & 800 Capsules with Fluorodyne® II Membrane offer high flow rates, low adsorptive properties, and low extractables. It is ideal for scale-up and down-stream processing applications for biopharmaceutical products. Suitable for applications where customer protocol requires PVDF membrane; double layer sterilizing membrane assures enhanced performance.


Supor® EKV Membrane Filters are 0.2 micron rated validated sterilizing-grade membrane filters. Utilizing a laid-over-pleat membrane geometry for high flow rates and throughput performance, they are designed for the most cost effective filtration of a wide range of liquids such as buffers, tissue culture media, and others. A PES membrane ensures very high compatibility over the whole pH range plus very low protein binding to ensure the maximum transmission of active ingredients.

Please note: Capsule and syringe filter devices containing HT Tuffryn have been discontinued effective December 31, 2017.

Acropak Capsule Filters Brochure