TerraCycle™ and Pall


Working together to recycle the unrecyclable!










Our Goal: Recycle 500,000 syringe filters in 2021


Help us recycle 500,000 syringe filters: We’ve been working with international recycling leader, TerraCycle™, to figure out how to recycle syringe filters — an industry first. Is your lab eligible to participate in our pilot program?



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Innovation for sustainability


We are proud to work with with TerraCycle™ to reduce our environmental impact and help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.


TerraCycle™ reuses, upcycles, and recycles waste, moving it from a linear system to a circular one. Since its founding in 2001, TerraCycle™ has prevented over 8 billion pieces of waste from entering landfills.


We manufacture millions of syringe filters every year, and are committed to finding ways to reduce the environmental impact of our products.


Pall + TerraCycle™: right for our customers and right for the planet.

Why TerraCycle™?


TerraCycle™ is a social enterprise on a mission of Eliminating the idea of waste™. Starting from the premise that nearly everything we touch can be recycled, TerraCycle™ recycles items thought to be non-recyclable through innovative recycling platforms. They then transform the recycled material into useful products, such as composite decking and park benches.



Recycling the non-recyclable

To become more sustainable, we’re piloting a program with international recycling leader, TerraCycle™, to collect our plastic syringe filters and turn them into something new.



How can you Recycle the Non-Recyclable?


Complete the form to check your lab’s eligibility and be a part of keeping syringe filters out of landfills.