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September 2018

Speaker: Dr. Susanne Lee, PhD , FRSB, CBiol, FRSPH, FIHEEM, FWMSoc, MRCSHC. Director and Owner Leegionella Ltd. United Kingdom


Chaired by: Dr. Catherine Whapham, Global Portfolio Manager - Healthcare Water, Pall Medical

Water sampling and testing can be a helpful monitoring tool when assessing drinking water quality, verifying the effectiveness of remediation and control measures, and may be a requirement under local/national guidance.


However it is important to recognise that water sampling and testing is not a control measure.  In terms of improving water safety, monies spent on continuous or frequent testing may be better deployed on improving the water system infrastructure, reducing nutrient material availability and scale deposits, ensuring frequent throughput at each water outlet, balancing hot water temperatures and minimising heat gain in cold water temperatures.


Water Safety Teams are eager to understand more and better assess the needs for, and benefits of, microbiological testing and sampling before applying to their Water Safety Plan. 


Join this 1 hour webinar to learn more about:


  • microbial limits and monitoring frequency,
  • verification of control and remediation measures,
  • the art of good water sampling practice,
  • selecting a test laboratory,
  • interpreting test results.