In-Premise Water Systems

In most circumstances, well-controlled, hygienic water is delivered from water plants to cities.  However within buildings, water can stagnate and its temperature increase.  It passes through complex internal distribution systems consisting of narrow pipes with possibly corroded inner surfaces and dead ends.  This environment can provide optimal conditions for the formation of biofilm from which bacteria and other microorganisms may be continuously released into the water.




In water distribution systems biofilm can develop within a few days even if the incoming water meets drinking water criteria.  Biofilm protects the microorganisms within from chemical agents and thermal disinfection procedures and is extremely difficult to completely eradicate once established. Biofilms contain a large variety of waterborne microorganisms that can include protozoa (e.g. Acanthamoeba), fungi (e.g. Aspergillus spp., Fusarium spp.) and a number of pathogenic bacteria. 


Pall Medical designs, manufactures and supplies specialised medical water filtration from the point of building entry through to the point of use at taps, showers and other water sources. This portfolio assures the highest filtration efficiency for removal of waterborne bacteria, endotoxin, protozoa, fungi and particles from in-premise water networks and supports water management prorgrams.




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