Employee Spotlight: Ahmad – Senior Scientist



Meet Ahmad, a Senior Scientist in our Chemistry group, who was recently appointed to the Early Career Editorial Board for the Journal of Membrane Science. Ahmad has been at Pall for more than two years and continues to help solve the most critical challenges for our customers.


We sat down with Ahmad to learn about his career journey, recent appointment to the Early Career Editorial Board and what advice he wants to share for those just starting out in their careers:



Tell us about your career journey.


After completing my degree in chemical engineering, I started my career at a petrochemical company in Iran. One highlight of my first position was modifying several processes to improve productivity and sustainability. Then, I moved to Philadelphia 9 years ago to learn polymer chemistry and polymer physics during my PhD and postdoctoral career at Drexel University and University of Pennsylvania, respectively. Since moving to Pall 2 years ago, I’ve held a Senior Scientist position in the chemistry group where we innovate novel technologies to enable new product development for the microelectronic industry.


What piqued your interest in R&D?


Working in R&D is so exciting because it's where the solutions are discovered and implanted. The industry is constantly involving with new intellectual challenges that are exciting and pivotal to solve. My favorite aspect is getting to work with skilled peers who I get to learn from and collaborate with.


Can you share more about your recent appointment to the Early Career Editorial Board for the Journal of Membrane Science?


An Early Career Editorial Board (ECEB) has been formed by the Journal of Membrane of Science (JMS) to recognize outstanding early career researchers and engage them in a path towards editorial work. Early career researchers are defined as those who are within 10 years after receiving PhD, and currently hold an independent academic position or are senior researchers in industry/government research institutes. ECEM members conduct tasks such as conducting reviews for submissions to the journal, serving as an ambassador and promoting via conferences, panels, etc. and providing consultation on manuscripts.


What’s your best advice for someone starting out in their career?


My best advice is to be a team player. Everyone will appreciate a person who works very well alongside other colleagues. In my opinion, this is the most significant piece of advice to become a successful leader in the future.


What are you passionate about outside the office?


I love to travel along with my family and explore new places, and while traveling like to try local cuisines.


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