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Real Time Analytics for Predictive Maintenance


Modern aerospace operations are more demanding than ever with tighter tolerances and with higher demands for continuous operation without failure. Aircraft operators and system maintenance teams that rely on hydraulics are faced daily with the delicate balance between knowing when to change the fluid, filters, or other parts to avoid down time and excessive repair costs versus the cost of maintenance and replacement. A wrong decision can result in unnecessary maintenance and increased operating costs; on the other hand, delaying maintenance can result in a catastrophic failure, increasing ownership costs.


Pall Aerospace offers particle counters and cleanliness monitors for reliability centered maintenance programs that require monitoring the condition of critical fluid systems, providing real-time results to confirm your fluid is clean and the plane is ready for safe operation




Why incorporate portable particle counters and cleanliness monitors into your maintenance program: 


  • Complements the contamination information gathered using spectroscopy. 

  • Monitor contamination levels in mineral, synthetic, or water-based fluids 

  • Onsite instant reports that eliminate lab wait times and lab fees

  • Ability to report out to multiple standards from the same sample

  • Get accurate, 3 part* ISO 4406 cleanliness code results in under 6 minutes and quickly take preventative action 

  • Upload real-time results directly to mobile devices for analysis and action 

  • ’Pass off’ cleanliness tests quickly and confidently 

  • Easily move from one sample point to another

  • Protect your systems from catastrophic failure by detecting abnormal fluid cleanliness conditions quickly

Predictive Maintenance

Accurate Real-Time Results

ISO-4406 Compliance

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Get technical data on the solutions we offer, a quick evaluation and tailored pricing options today.