MARINE: Naval Surface Ships

Your mission is our mission

Pall expertly engineered filtration, separation and purification solutions offer unbeatable protection for your naval surface ship fluid systems when and where you need it the most.

As researchers and engineers, we believe the genius of the machine (indeed, any machine) relies on the degree of attention given to the detail and the reliability of its smallest parts.

The fluids systems naval surface ships rely on are vulnerable to contamination intrusion that can cause corruption of equipment parts leading to malfunctions and in some cases mission critical failures. Pall’s advanced marine filtration and separation solutions protect the fluid systems of naval warships from damaging contamination, ensuring mission readiness and increased reliability, maximum performance with minimum maintenance and safety. 

Understanding that "you cannot control what you cannot measure" is at the core of every root-cause based proactive maintenance program. The goal of proactive maintenance is to extend equipment and component life by using techniques that address problems before they occur.

Pall offers a range of diagnostic and fluid monitoring solutions designed to provide you with reliable, real-time fluid and filter condition data to help you maintain operating system reliability and extend equipment uptime and productivity.    

Pall integrated membrane systems are designed to produce clean drinking water from a wide variety of water sources, including open sea, littoral areas, river mouth, rivers, and harbour areas. These systems remove bacteria, protozoan cysts, viruses, and dissolved components contaminants to provide pure, clean water that meets or exceeds the World Health Organisation (WHO) treatment standards.    

Pall Aerospace purifiers help you quickly and effectively eliminate contaminants from fluids on-board naval surface ships, helping you reduce operating costs and prolong the life of service equipment.    

Rugged, inexpensive, high efficiency assemblies that eliminate problems caused by oil, water, and dirt in air or gas.    

Rigorous airborne contamination removal solutions that protect your water-borne platform engine from airborne threats such as sand, dust, salt, rain, ice, snow, and foreign objects.    

Our re-generable Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear protection system (CBRN) removes chemical warfare agents as well as industrial toxins from contaminated air. Immobilized canisters for On-Board Oxygen Generating Systems (OBOGS) produce breathable oxygen for passengers in commercial and military aircraft and the immobilized canisters for High Pressure Pure Air Generators (HiPPAG) provide impurity-free high-pressure air used to cool infra-red sensors on missile guidance systems.    

Better protection for demanding operations. Every Day.

Contamination of fluid systems and component parts is a significant threat to operability. It compromises fluid integrity, and in turn, critical systems that can result in immediate and longer-term system failure or component damage. The challenges posed by contamination not only can impact on operations, leading to costly maintenance, they can also result in catastrophic system failure, proving hazardous to safety of occupants.


The products manufactured by Pall Corporation meet the strictest industry regulations and are guaranteed to addresses main contamination control challenges in the military market. With bespoke efficient solutions tailored to your needs, our filtration and separation technology protects systems and components, extending equipment life, reducing maintenance costs, improving performance, and keeping the highest standards of safety.


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