Filtration Solutions for Military Vehicles


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From the front to the rear of the vehicle, our filtration solutions protect your fluid systems from damaging contamination and ensure mission readiness. Our goal is to enable maximum vehicle performance by increasing reliability, minimising maintenance and reducing your logistics burdens while on operation.




Engine Air Intake Protection

Main Hydraulic Systems

Engine Fuel and Lubrication Systems

Transmission Systems

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Pall filtration solutions are approved and used on a wide range of military vehicle programs including, but not limited to:

Main Battle Tanks

  • Challenger 2
  • CV90
  • K1, K2
  • LeClerc
  • Leopard
  • M1 Abrams
  • Merkava

Infantry Fighting Vehicles


  • AMX10
  • AMX30
  • K21
  • M113
  • Warrior

Engineering Vehicles


  • M88
  • Terrier
  • Titan



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Contamination of fluid systems and component parts is a significant threat to the operability of military vehicles. Inadequate fluid cleanliness can result in immediate and longer-term system failure or component damage. The challenges posed by contamination not only can impact on the mission readiness of vehicles, leading to costly maintenance, they can also result in catastrophic system failure, proving hazardous to safety of occupants.


The products manufactured by Pall Corporation meet the strictest industry regulations and are guaranteed to addresses main contamination control challenges in the military market. With bespoke efficient solutions tailored to your needs, our filtration and separation technology protects systems and components, extending equipment life, reducing maintenance costs, improving performance, and keeping the highest standards of safety.


Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul options available for all Pall PUREair systems currently in service.


We value our customers and understand their need for ongoing support so we provide them with a dedicated service network available for maintenance, repair and spare part logistics for all our products - before, during and beyond delivery of a solution. Every day.

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