Reduced downtime by up to 70%

Advanced Feedstock Filtration Solutions for Ethylene Production

The Pall ethylene feedstock filtration system features an absolute rated prefilter for the removal of corrosive contaminants during the ethylene production process to reduce maintenance frequency and preserve the life of downstream equipment. Failure to effectively filter and remove iron and other contaminants can lead to fouling and coking in the furnace, and subsequent costly downtime. 


Our absolute rated prefilters are specially designed to remove these feedstock contaminants. Featuring exceptional durability and contaminant capture capability, along with larger pore space, our prefilters remove more impurities without the need for frequent changeouts, resulting in a cleaner feedstock with fewer maintenance interventions.


The Pall liquid/liquid coalescer is key to purifying petrochemical feedstocks and streamlining the ethylene production process. This premium coalescer breaks emulsions and removes water and brine from the feedstock with unmatched efficiency. The enhanced filtration capabilities of the Pall prefilter and liquid/liquid coalescer system also allow for alternate feedstocks for the petrochemical industry with higher levels of initial contaminants to be processed for optimal productivity. 


Operators utilizing our absolute rated prefilters and liquid/liquid coalescers report furnace downtime reductions of up to 70%, dramatically increasing productivity and reducing maintenance activities. Estimates forecast a payback period of one year, with some operators reporting payback in as little as six months.


Our filtration solutions for the ethylene production process reduce maintenance downtime, preserve the life of capital equipment, and increase production for a truly streamlined operation. Ready to learn more about Pall’s advanced ethylene feedstock filtration solutions? Contact our team of dedicated filtration experts today.

Our superior portable filtration solutions allow for high-efficiency offline filtration of lubrication fluids in industrial manufacturing applications.


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