Filtration Solutions for Carbon Fiber Production

Effectively capturing impurities that provide the highest quality PAN precursor & spun fibers for small & large tow carbon fibers

Critically clean

Superior Filtration Solutions for enabling PAN precursor purification and Carbon Fiber Production process

Pall’s leading-edge filtration solutions for the carbon fiber production process effectively capture impurities  providing the highest quality PAN precursor & spun fibers for small & large tow carbon fibers    


Feedstock Filtration Solution


Particulate matter present in the PAN precursor has a direct effect on weakening the carbon fiber. All monomers, comonomers, demineralized water, initiator, additives, etc., streams require filtration down to sub-micron size prior to entering the reactor. Such ultrafine filtration often requires multi-stage filtration whereby particulate loading is effectively managed to prolong the life of final critical filters. Pall offers the largest product portfolio with numerous choices to effectively optimize the filtration of every feed stream


Solvent Filtration Solution


Proper solvent filtration is essential to avoiding contamination in the carbon fiber production process. Pall’s  Profile II filters are ideal for both DMSO or DMAc solvent filtration.  Utilizing varying pore sizes and ultra-thin, fiber diameters, Profile II filters efficiently remove contaminants from solvents with extremely low pressure drop. Through the use of a greater number of pores, this filter system extends on-stream filter life, reducing the frequency of costly maintenance interventions.



Dope Filtration Solution


Elimination of gels from dope prior to spinning is critical to obtaining carbon fibers with the highest quality and tensile strength. Pall’s dope filtration solution utilizes Continuous Polymer Filtration (CPF) system with metallic discs and candles made from hard sintered true random fiber medium in tapered pore geometry to maximize gel and particulate capture. Further, CPF technology with patented diverter valves facilitates smooth filter changeovers without pressure spikes thus ensuring continuous operation and minimal downtime.  The superior contaminant capture of Pall’s dope filter system employs a smaller diameter precursor, which enhances the chance for stabilization and promotes optimal process efficiency.

Our superior portable filtration solutions allow for high-efficiency offline filtration of lubrication fluids in industrial manufacturing applications.


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