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Advanced Solutions for Filtration of PET Resins

Pall solutions for filtration of PET resins deliver optimized performance with continuous operation for a consistently high quality resin product and reduced operating costs.


Our polyester pre-polymer and melt polymer filters are the optimal solution for PET resin production. Efficient filtration is essential as the slurry progresses through the esterification process to remove gels, cross-links, fish eyes and hard contamination. If not filtered sufficiently, these contaminants can be problematic at the monomer and polymer stages, with negative effects on the final resin properties. Conversely, if any of the critical additives are filtered out from the raw or intermediate stages, it can adversely affect the polymer quality and filter life. It is therefore critical to have a filter that is customized to suit the process requirements Pall’s CPF technology with customizable sintered metal fiber filter medium helps strike this exact balance of filtration performance while enabling continuous operation, and long on-stream life. Our patented diverter valves  facilitate bumpless and transparent shift therefore minimizing any pressure spikes and variations in polymer IV.


Another key aspect to proper filtration of PET resins is controlling shear rates. Filters with uncontrolled shear rates cause resin discoloration or facilitate the formation of acetaldehyde, both a major problem  with end product quality. Engineered and proven to control shear rates during filtration, our melt polymer filtration system eliminates thermal degradation of the polymer, completely avoiding the formation of acetaldehyde in the PET resin production process.


Pall Corporation understands the needs of your business to reduce operating costs while improving product quality. As the global leader in high-tech filtration, separation and purification, our solutions for filtration of PET resins combine advanced filtration performance with long on-stream life for a truly optimized operation.


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Our superior portable filtration solutions allow for high-efficiency offline filtration of lubrication fluids in industrial manufacturing applications.


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