Chemicals and Polymers Solutions

Chemicals and Polymers Solutions

Interested in seeing solutions in action? Discover real-life success stories from across the Chemicals and Polymers industry below.

How a New Manufacturing Plant Raised the Bar Producing High-Energy Cathode Active Materials


The need for continuous development and deployment of reliable and energy storage devices such as Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries has become increasingly important for EV transportation modes. Read on to see the full story of our partnership that resulted in filtration and separation solutions that optimized cost of ownership, ensured a continuous production and simplifed the maintenance of operations.


Achieving Compliance with Technical Specifications & Significantly Increasing Overall Quality of Finished Products


The market demand for more autonomy and flexibility in EV batteries encourages manufacturers to keep developing new designs and innovative materials. In this case study, learn the positive impact two major chemical companies achieved when they upgraded their filtration solutions.


Exceeding Results in Liquid Electrolytes in Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Production


Market analysts predict that EV sales will pass the 12 million mark in 2025 and rise to 21 million in 2030 demonstrating a clear acceleration of the market demand for this innovative technology. Undoubtedly, it is lithium-ion batteries that have most contributed to the advanced development of the EV sector in recent years. Discover how this chemical company overcame its technical challenges and supplied a clean finished product to its customer.