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Controlling Emulsions in the Ethylene Quench Water Process

Controlling Emulsions in the Ethylene Quench Water Process


Inefficient removal of contaminants from liquids and gases often results in maintenance events, equipment breakdown and unplanned production downtime. The end results: shorter run times, capacity bottlenecks and limited throughput of the plant. Join this webinar for discussion regarding how proper contamination control ensures equipment is protected, thereby reducing maintenance events, downtime, and production losses while extending campaign length and optimizing operating economics and plant profitability.


Webinar highlights include:


  • Protecting hydrogen recycle compressors by eliminating contaminant-related premature component failure.

  • Ensuring LoNOX burner tips are protected from particulate and hydrocarbon liquid foulants.

  • Ensuring amine cleanliness for best operation of absorbers and regenerators.

  • Reducing heat exchanger fouling and corrosion across the refinery.

  • Preventing corrosion of stabilizers/distillation towers.






Ken DelGiudice

Key Account Manager
Pall Corporation


Ken DelGiudice has over 25 years of filtration, separation, and purification experience in the chemical, polymer, refining, and oil & gas industries. He has worked with the key ethylene licensors producers for the past 15 years in the fields of liquid/liquid and liquid/gas coalescing. Ken has co-authored and presented papers at Ethylene Producer’s Conference and is known in the industry.


Ken holds a BSME from The State University of Stony Brook and is a member of AICHe. He currently is a key account manager for Pall Corporations Fluid Technologies & Asset Protection (FTAP) Group.



Rory Duncan

Regional Product Manager
Pall Corporation


Rory Duncan has been involved in the field of filtration and separation solutions for 6 years. With degrees in mechanical engineering and industrial engineering, Rory has a wide application knowledge into contamination control solutions within several industrial markets.

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