Corporate Beer Fine Filtration

Supplying Longer Shelf Life

The principal of CFS

Clear and bright beer with longer shelf life

Polishing filtration removes fine particles and yeast as a preparation step for bottling. In the brewing industry, depth filter sheet material with its high dirt holding capacity is a well-established practice. Pall’s latest generation of depth filter modules, the SUPRApak™ module, consists of depth filter sheet material wrapped around an inner permeable core, designed to provide a controlled flow path and ensure the full filtration capacity of the module is utilized. The filter modules are installed in a closed system housing to eliminate the problems associated with traditional flat sheet filters such as drip losses, the buildup of mold and sheet sticking. Being closed the filter guarantees high product safety while the compact design helps reduce system footprint. The change of multiple modules is achieved in one simple procedure to significantly reduce the OPEX. Equally the housings cost only a fraction of comparable sheet filters therefore also ensuring a reduction in CAPEX.


SUPRAdisc™ II modules also provide an alternative to standard filter sheets and traditional lenticular modules. This technology features inside-outside separator technology for increased mechanical stability so that modules can be back-flushed and regenerated for longer service life.


Finally, for smaller batch applications, Pall also provides cartridge depth filters with a tapered pore construction like the Profile® Star and Profile II polypropylene filter cartridge that fit in standard filter housings. 

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