Learn More About PAREQII, The New Cartridge Added to Pall's Pasteurizer Replacement Product Family

August 24, 2021

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Pall Corporation is excited to announce the launch of our latest Pasteurizer Replacement cartridge filter, the extended PAREQII final filter for beer.


The Pasteurizer Replacement product family was developed to provide breweries, both new to membrane filtration and those already familiar, with a suite of solutions to support their filtration needs just prior to packaging. The latest product line in the family, the PAREQII filter cartridges are designed for defined removal of beer spoilage microorganisms to ensure flavor and shelf stability of the final product.


The PAREQII filters help breweries achieve shelf-stable product with confidence by leveraging polyethersulfone (PES) membrane in a unique laid-over pleat construction at low filtration costs. The PAREQII final filter offers:


  • Economical operation - long filter service life due to the mechanical robustness and chemical resistance of the filters allowing for improved reusability;
  • Process reliability - consistent filtrate quality;
  • Productivity efficiency - easily wet and integrity testable for increased process safety; and
  • The essential, brand protection - maintenance of organoleptic characteristics of filtered product given the filters are qualified for removal of beer specific spoilage organisms.
According to Product Manager, Olivia Williams, “With these filters, the team improved the mechanical strength and chemical compatibility compared to our historic solutions within the portfolio. The Pasteurizer Replacement product family offers breweries flexibility in selecting a filter solution and now with the PAREQII, breweries can also select a newly designed final filter amongst a range of cartridge lengths.”
The PAREQII filters are part of the Pasteurizer Replacement family of products which include a selection of pre and final filter combinations. To explore our product family page or speak with a representative to select products that meet your specific requirements click here.
To learn more about Pall’s solutions for beer filtration, click here.
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