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Smart Systems for Reliable Cheese Brine Filtration and Purification

Salting by immersion in brine is used for many varieties of cheese worldwide.  During repeated immersions, fat, curd particles, and microorganisms from the cheese plus the accumulation of proteins and other components build up a nutrient-rich environment for the salt resistant microorganisms.


Reused brine may then become a reservoir of unwanted microorganisms, such as gas- or pigment-producing bacteria, yeast and mold, or salt-resistant pathogens, cross-contaminating the cheese and impacting their quality. Good control of the brine and the brining operation is essential to ensure consistent daily production.


Additionally, brine disposal is coming under increasing focus. High disposal costs or volume limitations in specific areas are driving the demand for greater brine reuse to generate operating cost savings and minimize the plant environmental footprint.

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