Milk Fractionation

Gain more value

More Value from Milk

Gain more value from milk by utilizing fractionation processes

The demand for specialty products with unique organoleptic properties, nutritional profiles or added functionalities is driving dairy innovation. Pall crossflow membrane technologies provide precise separations, from microfiltration to the production of customized fractions.


Membralox® ceramic membranes are asymmetric UF and MF membranes composed of porous support and filtering layers. Membrane materials (alumina, zirconia, titania) provide high resistance to a wide range of pH, chemicals, temperature and pressure. High compactness of the multichannel membrane combined with high permeability enable treatment of large volumes with high throughput.


Membralox GP membranes have a longitudinal permeability gradient that allows for homogeneous and calibrated permeation along the flow channel. This results in marked improvement of whole utilization of membrane surface within a stable microfiltration regime.