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Pall Global Webinar Series

End-to-End Processing of Filtration in the Flavor industry


The quality assurance requirements of beverage products, such as cloud point temperature and flavor profile, make the processing of flavors critical. Incorrect removal of foreign particles, oil and wax traces, or microbiological loading can jeopardize weeks of work. As the industry innovates, flavor houses must keep their demand, reduce production time and deliver a delicious product.Selecting a proper filtration technique is paramount to achieving product clarity and stability for the flavor itself and the final product it is destined for.  


Pall filtration systems help reduce production bottlenecks, such as constant turbidity throughout the year, settling time and chilling temperature required. Additionally, we support the flavor and final beverage manufacturers to overcome cost and time challenges.


Marina Ferreira

Technical Specialist, SLS Laboratory and Food & Beverage  
Pall Corporation


Marina Ferreira is a chemical engineer working as a Technical Specialist for the SLS Global Technical Support Group at Pall Corporation. For the past four years, she’s been responsible for identifying process developments, improvements and solutions for filtration processes of all applications in the food and beverage industry, including flavors and additives. Marina worked as a food-supplier commercial analyst, and product developer before joining Pall.

Elisabeth Hutabarat

Technical Specialist, SLS Laboratory and Food & Beverage  
Pall Corporation 

Elisabeth Hutabarat is a microbiologist working as a Technical Specialist for SLS global Technical support group dedicated to Pall Filtration Indonesia since 2018. She's been responsible for supporting sales on improvement, providing solutions for filtration process on customer site, and handling the troubleshooting. Recently, she's also working on flavor and essential oil projects for SEA. Previously, Elisabeth worked as a brewery microbiologist and packaging technologist.

Robert Tyler

Market Sales Manager North America, Food and Dairy

Pall Corporation


Bob’s responsible for all filtration and separation technologies sold into food and dairy plants across North America at Pall Corporation. For the past 10 years, he’s been focused on supporting the Food and Dairy industry. He’s worked with various Food and Dairy feed streams and has extensive knowledge in direct and crossflow filtration systems.


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