How membrane-based filtration modernizes your brewing in the following ways:


Duration: 60 minutes


  • Achieves environmental, social and economic sustainability with replacement of diatomaceous earth (DE, kieselguhr) in beer clarification.
  • Improves your overall process efficiency and reduces OPEX, while also achieving best-in-class product quality (e.g., oxygen uptake).
  • Optimizes your overall brewing performance by leveraging connected technology (Internet of Things).


The brewing industry is experiencing dramatic changes. Attitudes and habits formed in 2020 are still shaping the way consumers interact with brands today, favoring those who commit to more sustainable methods.


So how can you make your brand more appealing? What is your sustainability strategy?

In your site’s current state, can you confidently claim the technologies you use minimize waste, optimize energy efficiency and reduce water consumption?


Dr. Roland Pahl-Dobrick

Pall Corporation


Dr. Roland Pahl-Dobrick is currently a Beer Market Manager for Pall. Roland spent most of his career at VLB Berlin where he was Head of the Research Institute for Beer and Beverage Production and COO. Roland’s educational background includes an apprenticeship as Brewer and Maltster, as well as studies in Brewing Engineering and a PhD in Brewing Technology.

Andrew Heard

Saint Arnold Brewing Company


Andrew is currently the Lead Maintenance Brewer at Saint Arnold Brewing Company. In 2017, he joined Saint Arnold as a brewer after serving 6 years as a mechanic in the US Coast Guard.

He graduated in 2009 with a degree in Biology from the University of Houston.

DA Little

Pall Corporation


DA Little is a Sales Specialist for Pall Food & Beverage covering Texas and the surrounding states, and more recently, assigned as the Team Account Lead for the Molson Coors Beverage Company account. Prior to Pall, DA spent many years as a filtration design specialist in the Oil and Gas Industry covering the Gulf Coast. DA is a graduate of Louisiana State University, with a degree in Finance and Marketing.

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