The Future of Beer: Modern Technologies to Improve Operations at Your Brewery


Duration: 60 minutes

According to Statista, the beer segment worldwide is projected to grow annually by 3.67% (CAGR 2023-2028) resulting in a market volume of 130.2bn L by 2028.


While this may mean plenty of growth opportunities for brewers, it also means that efficient production is key to financial success and embracing modern technology is a must to stay competitive.


The old ways of brewing may no longer be as effective as they once were, and even “newer” technologies like diatomaceous earth (DE) free filtration and lenticular depth filters have further evolved to improve efficiency.


These modern trends in brewing technology offer approaches and insights that put older and more traditional ways of brewing into question, opening up opportunities to propel brewers into the new future of beer production.


Dr. Roland Pahl-Dobrick

Pall Corporation


Dr. Roland Pahl-Dobrick is currently a Beer Market Manager for Pall. Roland spent most of his career at VLB Berlin where he was Head of the Research Institute for Beer and Beverage Production and COO. Roland’s educational background includes an apprenticeship as Brewer and Maltster, as well as studies in Brewing Engineering and a PhD in Brewing Technology.

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