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July 2020
Semicon West 2020

Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA

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In-Booth Poster Sessions:  Pall Corporation will be hosting several poster sessions to address the contamination control in advanced Lithography, Wet Etch and Cleans and CMP applications.  Each session will be held on Tuesday and again on Wednesday at the following times in the Pall Booth, North Hall #6044


11 am – 12 pm:   Filtration Optimization Toolbox for Advanced CMP  Slurries 


1:30 pm – 2:30 pm:  Contamination Control Toolbox for Advanced Lithography Filtration 


3:00 pm – 4:00 pm: Contamination Control Toolbox for Advanced          Wet Etch and Cleans Filtration


New Product Introductions:  Pall Corporation will introduce several new filtration and purification technologies to advance semiconductor manufacturing technology at the SEMICON West Conference in San Francisco from July 9-11. The new products are designed to help device and wafer manufacturers clean and maintain control of fluids to enhance yields to improve profitability. The new technologies include:


XPR3 Sub 1 nm PE-Kleen filter — Designed to improve filtration and reduce defectivity in a variety of advanced lithography chemistries. The new filter, rated as sub 1 nm, is constructed of ultra-high purity, high density polyethylene (HDPE) media and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) hardware materials. HDPE is a high-performance material known for its superior hard particle removal, making it ideal for most chemicals used in the advanced lithography processes - including leading edge EUV resist materials.  It offers a significant improvement in cleanliness and particle removal over advanced lithographic filter materials.


IonKleen™ IPA Purifier — The IonKleen IPA purifier is an alliness and particle removal over advanced lithographic filter materials.l fluoropolymer filter and purifier designed for the removal of metals and particles > 5 nm from IPA up to 70oC in high purity cleaning applications in leading edge semiconductor manufacturing. The purifier uses a pure PTFE substrate with a patented and proprietary surface modification that incorporates ion exchange groups that spontaneously and immediately remove metal ions from IPA and other solvents. A 2nd layer of XpressKleen™ PTFE membrane provides particle removal down to 5 nm. The dual function media combination is assembled in a high area design to maximize metal removal efficiency (MRE) and extended ion exchange capacity (IEC), while minimizing pressure drop. This makes the purifier suitable for both points of use and recirculation applications.


The XpressKleen XP 2 nm Filter —  The next generation of PTFE membrane filters that remove particles down to 2 nm and made of all high purity fluoropolymer materials. The ultraclean device provides very fast rinse-in and exceptional flow due to the improved fluid dynamic design. A new level of material cleanliness maintains fluid purity with ultra-low levels of 30 critical metal ion extractables and measured levels of NVR, TOC, organics and surface particles. The self-contained capsule filter is suitable for use from the point of supply (POS) to the point of process (POP) to help complete a contamination control system that delivers the required fluid purity to the wafer.


The Profile® III Filter — The Profile® III filter series incorporates Pall’s proprietary continuous gradient pore structure technology.  It is the newest generation of Pall CMP depth filters.  Available in 0.3 and 1.0 um grades, the Profile® III is designed to replace traditional depth filters while further reducing slurry LPC’s, improving cost of ownership and increasing overall throughput. The design helps customers move to finer rated filters to reduce LPC’s and scratch defects while maintaining excellent flowrate and lifetime characteristics. 


High-Flow Gaskleen Top Mount Filter Assembly — The top mount filter assembly is constructed of our new, state-of-the-art nickel filter medium with a 316L stainless steel housing.  It provides the removal of particles down to 2.5 nanometers (nm) and is suitable for process flow rates up to 100 standard liters per minute (slpm). 


Hot Water Sanitized Microza OLT Modules —The new hot water sanitized Microza1 OLT modules feature rapid TOC rinse up and lower metal extractables. They have an on-shelf life of six months when stored in ambient conditions.
1 Microza is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation