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Filtration and Purification Solutions for the Total Photovoltaic Value Chain


Selection of proper filtration technology is of paramount importance to maximize product quality, improve equipment uptime, as well as keeping manufacturing costs at lowest possible levels.  By implementing our effective filter technologies, photovoltaic process stability can be achieved and necessary process conditions can be sustained leading to the highest yields possible and lowest operating costs. Pall Filtration technologies are ideal for use in photovoltaic systems, including trace moisture detection systems, wet etch and cleanswaste reclaim, and process gas filtration. We offer durable filtration and purification solutions specifically designed to streamline photovoltaic process efficiency and improve business performance.


Our high performing photovoltaics filters lead to the highest product quality by protecting critical surfaces from particulate contamination that can cause defects and yield issues. Without effective filtering, equipment unplanned downtime (UPDT) is drastically increased along with the frequency of both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities. Effective and reliable removal of contaminants also improves the efficiency of downstream processes which directly impact the longevity of process equipment and help reduce maintenance downtime.

Photovoltaic Applications

Photovoltaic Systems


Advanced filtration solutions maximize photovoltaic yields, reduce working times, extend chemical life, reduce equipment UPDT through durable and reliable filtration performance.


Manufacturing costs are of utmost concern as consumers want access to cheaper and cheaper energy solutions. In order for these low prices to be achievable, effective filtering is necessary to extend chemical usage, reduce defects, and prolong equipment life. We have the filtration technology, manufacturing experience and process knowledge to help improve any filtration process.


Large scale photovoltaic production operations are pushing manufacturing precision requirements to higher and higher levels. Photovoltaic processes can be extremely sensitive to the presence of contaminants.  Impurities such as water and particulates directly impact each step of the process resulting in increased frequency of unscheduled maintenance operations, costly downtime, and significant reduction in end product quality.  Photovoltaic manufacturing processes cause a major headache and concern as cell quality can rapidly degrade as particulate contamination causes defects on the cell’s surfaces.


Removing molecular level particles from process streams is critical to ensure longevity of capital equipment and result in desired end product quality. Our passion for purity and protection is undeniable with industry proven applications and results. To effectively create the surfaces required for the new efficient photovoltaic systems, critical steps need to be free from contamination or defects will propagate onto the surface of the photovoltaic cell. Substrate cleaning and preparation, and media cleaning are crucial in order to successfully remove contaminants that have entered the surface. Pall Filter technologies allow for sterile etch and cleaning chemicals in order to properly clean and remove outside contaminants on the cells surfaces.


We have the filter solutions for filtration of waste reclaim systems and process gas purification. Whether for the initial ingot manufacturing process or the final anti-reflective coating process, Pall Filtration has membrane filtration options that remove contaminants to the levels photovoltaic producers highly desire.


Pall PV Filtration technologies maximize Photovoltaic manufacturing process performance by eliminating contaminants and reducing catastrophic defects. Contact us to let a Pall expert show you how to optimize your photovoltaic systems to maximize your site's product quality, extend equipment life and performance and reduce operating costs. 

We have the filtration technology, manufacturing experience and process knowledge to help improve any filtration process.

For more information on improving the efficiency of your processes, contact our team of filtration experts.