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Pall Corp. Showcases New Filtration and Purification Technologies for the Semiconductor Industry at SEMICON West 2016

PORT WASHINGTON, NY, July 11, 2016 – Pall Corporation will introduce several new filtration and purification technologies that will advance semiconductor manufacturing technology at SEMICON West in San Francisco from July 12-14. The new Pall products will help device and wafer manufacturers detect certain key contamination levels, and clean and maintain control of their fluids to enhance yields and improve profitability. The new technologies include:

Advanced 5 nm Filtration Membrane for Wet Chemical Processing – A key addition to Pall’s chemical filter line-up is the new 5 nm XpressKleen™ filter and all PFA disposable assemblies. The new 5 nm XpressKleen filter is designed to meet the growing defectivity challenges of sub-10 nm critical chemical processing. It demonstrates finer retention, fast flow, and higher purity than previous filters. Retention is validated using Pall’s gold nanoparticle challenge test.

Gaskleen® Pico1000 Analyzer with Improved Performance and the Addition of Compressed Dry Air (CDA) – The Gaskleen Pico1000 measures trace moisture in nitrogen, argon and now CDA process gas streams, with a new lower limit of detection of 300 part per trillion (ppt). It is ideally suited for qualifying and certifying ultra-high purity (UHP) process gas lines, as well as for detecting end-of-life when deployed downstream of our Gaskleen purifiers. The analyzer is portable, allowing users to easily move it around the fab for quick checks of process gas quality at many points. In addition, the Pico1000 consumes as much as 70% less process gas, compared to competitive analyzers.

PhotoKleenTM NTD Filter for Negative Tone Developer – The new PhotoKleen NTD offers extremely low metal, organic and particle contribution in negative tone developer and aggressive solvent applications. The PhotoKleen NTD filter is an all fluoropolymer filter with PFA hardware and PTFE media. This allows for extremely low defects in the NTD coating process.  The PhotoKleen NTD is available for small, medium and bulk flow applications.

High Flow, 2 nm Rated, Enhanced PE-Kleen Filter – The new filter rated at 2 nm is constructed of ultra-high purity high density polyethylene materials. It offers a 50% reduction in pressure drop with comparable removal efficiency to the popular UG2 filter. The new Enhanced 2 nm PE-Kleen adopts the Pall Xpress cleanliness option, designed for the most advanced patterning chemistries.  With the Xpress option, the 2 nm Enhanced PE-Kleen filter represents one of the cleanest bulk lithography filters available.

2 nm/4 kD Ultrafiltration Module for Ultrapure Water – The new Microza OAT Ultrafiltration is designed to meet the growing defectivity challenges of sub-10 nm critical ultrapure water supply. It demonstrates finer retention and higher purity than previous ultrafiltration modules.

Retention is validated using Pall’s gold nanoparticle challenge test and molecular weight cut off. The module is shipped water wet by a new sanitized ultrapure water packaging process that provides longer on shelf life.

Ultra Clean Water Filtration Skid – The skid is designed for ease of installation and performance. It provides superior retention of nanoparticles, macromolecular contamination and colloidal silicates for flow rates up to 50 m³/h. The cabinet provides the smallest footprint using PVDF HP piping and the new Microza* OAT Ultrafiltration modules.

* Microza is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation

For more information, please go to: Or visit the Pall booth #1517 at SEMICON West 2016 in the South Hall at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from July 12 -14.

The Pall Microelectronics team supports customers in the semiconductor, data storage, fiber optic, display, and solar energy materials industries with innovative detection, filtration, and purification products, and deep applications expertise, for chemical, gas, water, chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) and photolithography processes.
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