Fuel Gas Treatment

Eliminate the need for upstream bulk separation in fuel gas treatment systems

The Answer to Fuel Gas Filtration Applications

Premium Fuel Gas Treatment Solutions for Gas Turbines

Pall fuel gas filtration solutions for Gas Turbines help ensure maximum system uptime and reliable component operations.

Liquid fuel and aerosol mixtures carry chemical and solid contaminants that can affect the performance and service life of bearings and combustion chambers. This particulate is often responsible for fluid degradation, deposits, and chemical attacks. Our coalescers and oil purifiers safe guard combined cycle plant chambers, injectors, bearings, or seals by removing unwanted contaminants from hydrocarbons.

Eliminating the need for upstream bulk separation


Pall SepraSol™ Liquid/Gas Coalescers provide quick returns on investment by reducing down time and labor costs. The advanced media in these coalescers can process several times more liquid per unit area of media than conventional media, eliminating the need for upstream bulk separation equipment such as mist eliminators and vane separators.


Benefits of Fuel Gas Treatment Systems


  • Reduction in operating problems
  • Increased system uptime
  • Better fuel efficiency


Pall Fuel Gas Filters help keep gas turbines working and free of deposits from hydrocarbons.   

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