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Increasing Efficiency. Reducing Corrosive Wear.

Diesel generator fuel filters minimize fluid contaminants in fuel systems to protect crucial components from corrosion and enable generators to run at peak efficiencies in a nuclear power plant’s emergency systems.

Nuclear power plants are susceptible to costly downtime without well-thought-out emergency power supplies, which are often diesel-driven. Modern heavy-duty diesel engines are highly vulnerable to damage from particulate contamination in diesel fuel, while water contamination can reduce efficiency and accelerate wear. The result, if left unchecked, is reduced reliability of critical equipment, unscheduled downtime, and an increase in maintenance and repair costs.


Emergency generators provide power only when needed to special safety electrical distribution panels and rely on clean fuel to operate effectively. Pall’s Diesel generator filters minimize fluid contaminants in diesel fuel systems to protect crucial components from corrosion and enable generators to run at peak efficiencies in a nuclear power plant’s emergency systems.  These generators, in turn, supply power to those emergency pumps, valves, fans, etc., that may be required to operate in the event of the postulated catastrophic event - a simultaneous total loss of outside power and a significant break in the reactor coolant system.  


Engineered to curb contamination


Water can enter a diesel system through worn cylinders, actuator seals, and many other ways. Condensation is also a prime contributor to cause corrosion and decreased efficiency. As the fuel cools in a reservoir or tank, water vapor will condense on the inside of surfaces, causing rust or other corrosion problems. Excessive water can be removed from a diesel system through the same preventative measures and our filtration systems taken to minimize particle ingression into the system. By implementing economical Pall filter schemes, contaminants are minimized to prevent:


  • Loss of production during emergency use
  • Costly fluid disposal and component replacement
  • Increased Operating & Maintenance costs
  • Decreased generator efficiency
  • Inhibited effective heat transfer
  • Corrosive wear    

Diesel systems require clean, sterile fuel to efficiently perform the necessary emergency

functions needed in nuclear power plant backup systems. Pall’s filters are engineered to curb contamination that inhibits a diesel system’s primary functions.

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Built to perform

Pall Products

Ultipleat Diesel Plus filters provide advanced particulate and water removal from diesel fuel within a single filter element. They are designed to extend the time between scheduled maintenance periods and keep equipment in service longer. Increase reliability of equipment and mean time between failures (MTBF) is a proven effect of Pall technologies.


Pall Diesel Generator Filters are the most economical and durable option to minimize fluid contaminants in all emergency diesel systems. Click here to let a Pall expert optimize your diesel fuel filtration to ensure proper nuclear plant performance during catastrophic events.

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