Turbine Lubrication and Hydraulics

The most viable protection against early mechanical wear

Turbine and Hydraulic System Lubrication Filters Prevent Early Mechanical Failure

Pall Turbine Lubrication and Hydraulic System filters remove contaminates that cause an increase in frictional forces due to reduced lubrication effectiveness on internal mechanical components. Lubricants are the most critical component in any type of mechanical system, turbine and hydraulic systems are exceptionally affected by decreased lubrication effectiveness due to the extreme operating conditions used in the nuclear industry. Effective filtering solutions offer protection on hydraulic systems and turbine bearings and shafts when operating at high temperatures and pressures by eradicating lubricant contaminates that can lead to catastrophic and costly events. 


Our lubrication filters are proven to prevent early mechanical wear. Prolonging mechanical wear resistance is a key feature of Pall solutions, and without them turbines and hydraulic systems will experience mechanical failure resulting in unplanned downtime, and unnecessary maintenance costs. Corrosion can also be greatly decreased and in most cases eliminated from nuclear turbine and hydraulic systems. Pall’s full range of oil purifiers remove water and gaseous contaminants, thus providing  the most viable protection against early mechanical wear in the most crucial parts in nuclear power generation plants. 

Proven Benefits using Pall Turbine and Hydraulic System Lubrication filters:


  • Increased oil life and extended oil change frequency
  • Prolonged bearing and shaft life and corrosion reduction
  • Lower maintenance and consumable costs
  • Reduction in unplanned downtime and unforeseen events
  • Minimized PM events and extended PM schedules


Pall Athalon®Filters


Pall’s Athalon® hydraulic return line filters elements are our most advanced hydraulic and lube filter elements to date. They feature SRT (stress-resistant technology) media providing unsurpassed performance consistency for the full service life of the filter, and an unequalled BetaX(C) ≥2000 efficiency rating; the highest oil filter performance rating for contaminants down to 2.5µm available in industry today.


Athalon anti-static filter elements also have properties to prevent static charge build-up and electrostatic discharge (ESD), a phenomenon frequently experienced when filtering Group II fluids in high velocity flow applications. Preventing ESD reduces the incidence of ‘varnish’ contaminating critical components and extends fluid service life.

Other benefits include a low element pressure drop in a small envelope size for long life resulting in a cost-effective solution clearly superior to traditional filter designs which is ideal for use in critical, high asset value, turbine lubrication systems.


Varnish Removal Solutions


In recent years, the power-generation industry has seen an increase in varnish-related problems in turbine lubrication systems. This increase is attributed to higher operating temperatures, smaller fluid reservoirs, use of highly refined Group II base stock fluids and widespread use of finer filtration that causes more electrostatic charging of turbine oil. Varnish (a by-product of oil degradation) plates out on servo valve surfaces, mechanical seals, and bearings, reducing operational efficiency and potential system failure.


Pall’s VRF portable fluid conditioning units are designed to be used off-line (with the minimum of interruption to your operations) and process the full system fluid volume to remove the precursors that cause varnish and will literally pull varnish off coated surfaces for removal. A turbine can be rid of varnish issues in a matter of a few weeks.


Red1000 Retrofit Range Filters


We now offer users of alternative filters the opportunity to standardize site wide filter performance to the Pall standard.  We manufacture and supply retrofit filters (and retrofit kits) for a wide selection of other filter suppliers, providing users superior filter performance at competitive prices. Visit our Red 1000 replacement filter elements page to learn more about this remarkable filter element

If you don’t find an existing alternative give us a call.  We are continually adding to the range and will consider specific requirements upon request.


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