Hydroelectric Plants

Hydroelectric Plants

Removal of contaminants from process fluids ensure that each piece of equipment remains working with the highest possible efficiency

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Optimize Hydroelectric Plant Performance With Advanced Industrial Fluid Filtration Elements


Hydroelectric turbines convert the potential energy stored in water to mechanical energy by rotating a paddle-wheel or propeller-type runner on the turbine. This rotating mechanical energy is used to turn an electric generator, producing electrical energy. Hydraulic fluid cleanliness of the turbine governor system is critical to maintain the proper rotational speed of the turbine. The inlet valve hydraulic power units and turbine bearing lube systems also require proper lubrication for reliable performance. Our industrial fluid filtration elements improve lubrication and hydraulic fluid quality to optimize hydroelectric power plant performance and maximize productive uptime.


How it works


Filtration media is constructed of inert, organic fibers that are impregnated and bonded with epoxy resins. The media is protected and strengthened by Pall’s patented helical wrap pleat support system and composite element structure. The outer helical wrap binds tightly to each pleat for rigid and uniform spacing. This arrangement minimizes pleat flexing and media damage under varying flow, cold start, shock, vibration, and pressure surge conditions. Built in flow-channels also prevent media blind off during pressure drop increases. These unique design elements ensure maximum particulate uptake and highly efficient contaminant distribution throughout the filter media, at all stages of filter life. Filter media is available in coreless filter options, with a choice of corrosion protected or polymer end caps for an environmentally-friendly design.


Proprietary plastic upstream and downstream support layers featuring Pall’s stress-resistant technology (SRT) provide media with up to 210 bard (3045 psid) of additional physical protection. This technology also protects media from static charging/discharging, which can lead to extensive operational problems.


Total production

Filter media housings and vessels



Our LMO 1000 Style Series stainless steel filter housings provide superior and easy to install filter element protection. These housings feature secure closing mechanisms that prevent fluid bypass, and can accommodate pressures and temperatures of up to 69 bar and 121 °C.


The Ultipleat® SRT carbon steel Multi-Element Fabricated Vessels provide maximum filter element protection and augment media performance. These cageless and coreless elements fully protect media from physical damage and contamination, and facilitate flow rates from 1500L/min to 4500L/min.

Filter media application in hydroelectric power generation


Recommended Pall filter assemblies are in-line, upstream of each proportional or directional valve, and on the pressure line of the hydraulic power units. This installation strategy ensures superior maintenance of hydraulic and lubrication fluid quality.


Installation of a Pall Reservoir Vent Filter in place of a conventional reservoir cap prohibits airborne contamination for additional fluid clarity in hydraulic power unit reservoirs. This improvement in fluid quality enhances overall system performance while lowering maintenance and repair costs.

Our hydroelectric industrial fluid filters provide a variety of cutting edge, industry specific fluid filtration options to achieve operating and maintenance savings. For more information, click here to see purchase information or talk to a Pall expert.

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