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Scientific and Laboratory Services

Our Expertise, Your Success

Complex Filtration and Separation Challenges Solved

Pall Corporation’s industry-leading position was built upon both innovative technology and the expertise and guidance offered by our Scientific and Laboratory Services (SLS) team.


Pall’s SLS team provides customers who have limited time, resources, or equipment with the solutions they need to solve complex filtration, separation, and purification challenges. 


From the smallest laboratory to the largest production plant, Pall’s skilled SLS scientists and engineers provide customized insight and solutions to optimize customer processes, reduce costs, improve health, safety, and the environment – and we have been doing this successfully for close to 70 years.

Pall’s SLS Team
  • Consists of scientists and engineers who are internationally recognized as experts in their respective fields, with years of experience investigating and solving complex fluid clarification problems.
  • Partners with customers to select the best filtration, separation, or purification solutions for specific application needs, on-site or by simulation in one of Pall’s laboratories offered at locations around the globe.
  • Is armed with intimate first-hand knowledge of customer processes to optimize performance. The team anticipates where problems may occur and makes recommendations to ensure customers avoid them.

Across a broad range of industries and regions, we explore ways to improve performance and productivity.


Pall's SLS scientists bring unmatched expertise to the industries we serve.


  • Oil and Gas Production Refineries
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Specialist and General Laboratories
  • Semiconductor Fabrication Facilities

Partner with Pall’s SLS team and benefit from a rapid, effective, and efficient response.

Pall's SLS scientists understand production processes and the issues that prevent optimum performance and can provide on-site or off-site support and process improvement recommendations via laboratory analysis and pilot testing.



Pall's SLS laboratories, located in regions around the world, provide advanced testing, failure analysis, and validation services.

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