Pall’s Commitment to Sustainability

At Pall, we envision a future where our innovation connects, empowers and emboldens humanity to be its best. We recognize that to achieve this and become part of the solution for a better tomorrow we need to address how we behave towards our associates, stakeholders, communities and planet.


We view sustainability as a strategic priority that touches every aspect of our business that aligns with our purpose and values as an organization. At Pall, we are proud to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, a global agenda for achieving a more prosperous and peaceful tomorrow, and we contribute to achieving them through efficient and lean operations and by working with others.


In partnership with Danaher, we established core commitments that provide a framework for taking targeted actions to meet our goals by 2030 through three strategic pillars:


o   Protecting the Environment


It is our ambition and responsibility to protect our environment. We are committed to understanding and reducing the environmental impact of our operations and products. To tackle climate change head on, we have set science-aligned targets to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


o   Building the Best Team


We recognize our long-term success rests on building the best team which relies on enabling and engaging our associates. Our strategy for building the best team addresses culture, recruitment, development, engagement, retention and diversity, equity and inclusion. We are focused on developing our talent strategy to enable and accelerate transformation. Our priority is to sustain associate development opportunities and provide visibility to career growth while also creating a connection for associates to our vision.


o   Innovating Products that Improve Lives and Our Planet


Our mission focuses on partnering with customers to solve their most critical challenges. We are committed to investing in innovative solutions to support our customers to solve their most complex challenges, including climate change. We can do this by driving breakthrough thinking and innovation in product development that supports semiconductor fabrication, sustainable filtration and energy transition to renewable alternatives.


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