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Our Chemical Raw Material Liquid Filtration Provides Industry Protection

Prevent Costly Challenges of Liquid Contamination Due to Emulsions and Dispersion

Certain liquid-liquid mixtures can be difficult to separate due to contaminant buildup. Our Chemical Raw Material - Liquid Filtration solutions offer a low-cost to effectively separate liquid-liquid emulsions.  

The Chemical industry relies on coalescers to prevent the costly problem of liquid contamination due to emulsions and dispersions. Excessive liquid emulsification can lead to a variety of challenges:


  • Off-specification of final products

  • Disabling of downstream catalysts

  • Corrosion of downstream storage facilities

  • Raise the costs of wastewater treatment



Coalescers separate liquid emulsions by using porous mediums that filter the liquids based on their unique interfacial tensions, causing different rates of wetting.


However, several issues arise while using traditional glass-fiber coalescers, including the ability to separate large amounts of surfactants and to be versatile enough for compatibility with a range of different kinds of liquids. Determining factors in how easily two liquids can be separated include the gravity, viscosity, and interfacial tension (IFT) of the liquids. Traditional coalescers tend to be unable to effectively separate liquids with lower IFT numbers. Additionally, compatibility of the liquids with the coalescer medium must be taken into account. 

We offer a broad spectrum of liquid-liquid separation products and solutions for the Chemical industry. Scroll down to view our recommended products for your applications.

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PhaseSep® Y L/L Coalescer

Intermediate Product Filtration Solutions for the Chemical Industry
Intermediate Product Filtration Solutions for the Chemical Industry
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