Chemical Filtration

Each chemical filtration solution is tailor tailor-made to optimize your chemical filtration processes. We offer a variety of cost-effective solutions that is unmatched in the separations industry.

Providing superior chemical filtration processing products


In the chemicals industry, processes are interrelated.  Inefficiencies in one area cascade to affect neighboring processes and can magnify even further to become extremely costly problems. Efficient chemical filtration systems at critical points in the chemical processing operation can mitigate these risks and even go so far as to reduce operating costs and improve end-product quality.


As the industry leader in each high-tech chemical filtration solution, we offer a wide variety of premium filtration solutions for numerous applications in the chemical processing industry that are proven to improve product quality, reduce scheduled maintenance activities, and lower operating costs for a truly streamlined operation.


Chemical Filtration Applications



Real solutions for real challenges


There are numerous ways in which chemical plants rely on a chemical filtration solution to accomplish the desired reaction or separation. Whether it's by purifying feedstocks, removing emulsions from chemicals, filtration for process fluid reuse, or final production purification, the need for efficient filtrations systems is apparent.


Our high-tech filtration solutions deliver unmatched filtration performance, integrating seamlessly into chemical processes offering reliability, enhanced process efficiency, reduced maintenance downtime and improved business performance.   Each chemical process presents unique filtration challenges. Liquid/liquid mixtures containing emulsions can be difficult to separate effectively. This scenario is frequent in the oil and gas and chemical industry and, if not remedied efficiently, can severely dampen process performance.


Each innovative chemical filtration solutions integrates seamlessly into chemical processes to remove impurities such as solid particulates and emulsions for a streamlined chemical processing operation. Pall PhaseSep® EL Liquid/Liquid coalescers are specifically engineered to handle these emulsion separation tasks with unmatched effectiveness and reliability for improved performance across the entirety of the chemical flow processes.


Particulate removal of feed stocks and ancillary fluid circulation process is of great importance. The presence of solid contaminants interferes with the chemical reaction process leading to decreased quality of the desired output product. Furthermore, these contaminants can erode and corrode internal surfaces of process equipment and piping leading to extensive and costly downtime for maintenance and repairs. Our high flow chemical filtration solution removes particulates with enhanced efficiency and a large pore capacity for a filtration solution that improves the chemical process as well as reduces the frequency of scheduled maintenance operations.


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