How Do Beer Drinkers Feel About the Future of Sustainable Brewing?

July, 2024

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As the global conversation around environmental sustainability continues to gain momentum, it is increasingly evident that beer consumers are placing greater emphasis on the sustainable production of their favorite beverages. In response to this trend, we conducted an extensive survey of 3500 beer drinkers to explore their perspectives on sustainable brewing. Our survey was created to gauge consumer understanding of sustainable brewing, the process and purchasing habits and how sustainability plays a role.


The survey encompassed diverse respondents from various countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Japan, and Singapore. By engaging with participants from different regions, we aimed to capture a holistic view of consumer attitudes towards sustainable brewing on a global scale.

Our webinar explores the questions raised in the survey and analyzes the responses. It sheds light on how these insights can benefit brewers looking to enhance their sustainable brewing processes. By examining consumer views and behaviors and leveraging our expertise in filtration solutions for environmental process improvement, our webinar aims to offer practical and actionable guidance to brands implementing improved sustainable practices. It also delves into why regulatory practices are essential to consumers and their understanding of filtration's role in the production process and environmental impact.


View our latest on-demand webinar now to learn:


  • The sustainability drivers in the market and what breweries are doing to respond to consumer demand.
  • The challenges with a filter aid, diatomaceous earth (DE, kieselguhr), in the clarification process related to the critical areas of sustainability.
  • Introduce a modern standard of membrane filtration that delivers higher-quality beer at favorable costs while lowering waste, water, and energy consumption.


Access the webinar here.


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