How Pall Technologies Support Brewers’ Sustainability Programs

April 23, 2021

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There is no doubt that improving sustainability represents a major goal for global industries today. Breweries are no exception.  Annual reports from top global brewers highlight improvement of sustainability as one of their core messages.


Pall Corporation is also leading developments in filtration which contribute to improvements in the breweries’ ecological footprint but also ensure product quality combined with economy.


Below are examples of how Pall technologies make an impact on key sustainability indicators:


  • Pall Aria™ Systems: One of the big targets is to reduce the water consumption in brewing, measured in liters of water per liter of beer produced. While the industry standard is 3 to 6 L/L beer Pall has demonstrated a level of 2.2 with implementation of an Aria System by increasing the level of high-quality recovered water back to process
  • Pall PROFi System: The membrane-based beer filtration system eliminates the requirement and hence the disposal of filter aid, diatomaceous earth (DE) and therefore decreases the waste load from beer clarification by more than 99%.
    • For example, a 1 million hl brewery using a DE filter produces several hundred tons of DE waste/year. With the PROFi system the waste is reduced to less than 300 kg/year.
  • CBS Systems: With this beer stabilization system, water and cleaner consumption can be reduced by 30% when compared to conventional technologies. This is achieved by significantly lowering the efforts for stabilizer regeneration and by reducing system vessel sizes resulting in smaller system hold up.
  • CFS NEO System: The CFS beer filtration system is an automated cartridge system alternative to pasteurization. Results have demonstrated reducing the thermal energy consumption up to 72 %, water consumption up to 85% and power consumption up to 80% when compared to a flash pasteurizers. (Note: tunnel pasteurization has even higher consumptions).


In summary, combining the aforementioned technologies, Pall can truly move the needle when it comes to sustainability improvements. Optimizing sustainability almost always represents an improvement in costs, which is an additional advantage for the brewing industry. Moreover, the Pall technologies are proven to ensure consistent quality of the final products.


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