Unveiling the Secret to Winery Process Improvements: SUPRAdisc™ II Modules

December, 2023

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Every day Pall is helping the food and beverage industry protect critical operating assets, improve product quality and support initiatives that protect the environment. For the last 75 years, we've been solving some of the most complex challenges, making us a leader in filtration, separation, and purification in the food and beverage industry. The best way to demonstrate our commitment to the industry is by sharing success stories from our customers. Read on to discover a success story from the wine industry.


Current Wine Market Outlook


Future Market Insights projects that the global wine market will reach $2971 billion by 2033.  Some of this can be attributed to a growing demand for premium or luxury wines. With a reputation for exclusivity, prestige, and superior quality, premium wines are produced traditionally or using artisanal methods.


Globally, high-quality wine production is influenced by consumer demand for organic and sustainable products. In addition to technological advancements that can improve wine quality to meet shifting consumer tastes and production efficiency, there are plenty of growth opportunities. Remaining competitive in this expanding market requires wineries to have successful process solutions that guarantee quality standards are upheld. Achieving a top-quality product can be supported through the utilization of effective filtration solutions. These solutions can eliminate impurities and contaminants, enhancing the overall quality and purity of the final product.


Wineries today consistently meet the demand for supplying top-quality wines using lenticular modules and membrane filter cartridges as the final filtration steps before bottling. With enclosed designs and their capability for adsorption, surface and depth filtration, filter sheet-based modules enable particle, colloidal haze and bacteria reduction to maximize the protection of downstream membrane filters while maintaining the highest possible wine quality.

Pall recommended SUPRAdisc™ II filter modules to facilitate better handling, increased process safety and higher total throughput by using a backflush procedure.


Interested to find out how it worked out? Take a look at the full story here.


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