Cannabis Oil Filtration

Learn why there is a growing demand for cannabis oil and understand the key challenges in CBD oil extraction.

What is Cannabis Oil? 


When California took the lead and legalized cannabis, CBD oil and other cannabinoids weren’t really the focus. Today, the global CBD oil market tells a different story, with demand for CBD for health and wellness expected to drive market growth.


CBD is the naturally occurring chemical compound in the cannabis sativa plant. CBD is often confused with other cannabinoids like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Unlike THC, CBD does not produce intoxicating psychoactive effects. CBD works with the endocannabinoid system that regulates mood, sleep, energy level and how we experience pain, stress and hunger.


As demand for products containing cannabis oil continues to rise, strict quality control standards are becoming increasingly important to consumers. Coupled with investment in new product development and new companies entering the market, producing an exceptional product is key to remaining competitive. The biggest challenge for manufacturers is to meet the increasing consumer demand for a high-quality, compound-rich oil with a clear golden character that is free of chlorophyll. This requires effective CBD oil extraction and filtration methods. Ensuring marketability and quality is made possible by careful selection of CBD oil extraction and filtration methods.


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Key challenges in cannabis oil manufacturing and production


Manufacturing processes need to be effective for small batches and larger product demand, while keeping product losses to a minimum.


Maximizing yield

  • Focusing on quality and consistency
  • Overcoming technological limitations
  • Putting streamlined processes and systems in place
  • Ensuring efficient production and improving product quality
  • Finding economic processing and production solutions to expedite extraction




Additional issues arise in ensuring marketability and quality. A Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) will ensure your products are consistently controlled and produced to the highest quality. Mandated by local Governments, GMP is a set of standards to ensure safe, effective products for distribution.  Processes like identification, separation, extraction and filtration need to be carefully selected and managed within GMP


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Producers are looking to engage with experts who can offer solutions to their manufacturing challenges. Pall Corporation specializes in offering cannabis oil filtration solutions, and GMP and FCC compliant products.


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