Cider & Perry Carbon Dioxide Filtration

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Carbon Dioxide Filtration for Cider & Perry Production

Sterile Filtration for Gases


Cider producers use carbon dioxide (CO2) prior to the filling operation. Microorganisms can be present in the COpiping and can lead to contamination of the product. Sterile filtration can be employed in these applications to prevent the introduction of microbial contaminants, such as molds and bacteria, via the CO2.


Featuring two layers of Pall 0.2 micron polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane, Emflon® PFRW hydrophobic PTFE filters, are designed to remove bacteria, yeasts, molds, and particles from gas (CO2) streams, even in the presence of humidity and moisture. All other filter components are made of oxidation-resistant polypropylene. Fully manufactured assemblies are validated by stringent liquid challenge with Brevundimonas diminuta at 107/cm2 filter area and are 100% integrity tested. Emflon PFRW filters are integrity testable by Water Intrusion and Forward Flow tests.


If required, the Emflon PFRW filter can be protected by a Pall prefilter to ensure long life of the final filter.

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Emflon PFRW Filters

Emflon PFRW cartridges are sterilizing grade hydrophobic membrane filters designed for reliable retention of bacteria and high levels of phages in compressed gas and vent applications.