Making Crossflow The Perfect FIT For Small Wineries

Pall's crossflow filtration system is an innovative solution for wine clarification and polishing. This modular system is upgradable and expandable to suit the working need of each winery. View now.

Making Crossflow the Perfect FIT for Small Wineries

Product: Oenoflow™ FIT System



The Oenoflow FIT System is a new modular crossflow system specifically designed for wine clarification and polish filtration at small wineries. Components or “modules” can be coupled together like puzzle pieces to configure systems that FIT the specific working needs of each winery.


Oenoflow FIT Components

The base system, constructed of stainless steel employs two high flow, high area hollow fiber microfiltration membranes. The fully automated unit has “Cycle” programming so that systems can be operated and cleaned with minimal operator interaction. To tailor the system to specific winery conditions, additional modular building blocks can be added to the base system.


Oenoflow FIT Membranes

The Oenoflow FIT microfiltration modules incorporate Pall’s proven symmetric hollow fiber membranes. The large diameter high flow modules with 21.5 square meters of filter area have twice the filter area of typical competitive hollow fiber modules.


Cost Saving Benefits

By replacing diatomaceous earth (kieselguhr) and sheet filters with the Oenoflow FIT crossflow microfiltration system, wineries can benefit by eliminating the use and disposal of filter aids, reducing wine losses and increasing filtration consistency. However, with a new modular construction, the Oenoflow FIT provides small and growing wineries with additional benefits: Economical:


• Systems can be configured to meet the available budget Flexible:
• Components can be combined to satisfy multiple winery applications
• Components can be added at a later date for system upgrade Expandable:
• Modules can be added at a later date to accommodate future winery expansion


The Oenoflow FIT systems are manufactured in accordance with European Pressure Directives and each system is supplied with a CE mark.


Various Oenoflow modules have been qualified for compliance to specific regulatory standards for products coming into contact with foodstuffs. Please contact Pall for details.


Media preparation and transfer
Buffer preparation and transfer
Transfer of inoculum to bioreactor
Sampling during fermentation / cell culture
Bioreactor harvest Sterile fluid transfer between unit operations
Bulk handling of sterile material in non-classified environments
Probe insertion into bioreactors, mixers and 3D biocontainers
Sterile filtration manifolds Hybrid stainless steel and single-use system connection
Connection of bulk sterile material to filling machine
Sterile waste removal from process streams