Most effective tool to monitor the health of your lube and hydraulic systems as well as engines.

PALLSCOPE™ Fluid Analysis Service

PALLSCOPE is Pall Corporation’s premier fluid analysis Program in North America, which includes not only the fluid analysis, but also a detailed report and recommendations for action as a result of the analysis. PALLSCOPE Fluid Analysis can be the single most effective tool to monitor the health of your lube and hydraulic systems as well as engines.


PALLSCOPE hydraulic and industrial fluid analysis should be a key component in your comprehensive preventative maintenance program, providing you with the trend data necessary to make informed decisions about repair, rebuild, or replacement of critical machinery. PALLSCOPE data can also be used to set fluid change intervals.

Why Monitor?

Modern industrial equipment is more demanding than ever, and requires clean lubricants to maintain proper operation. Tolerances are tighter, pressures and temperatures are higher, and continuous operation without failure is demanded. Reliability centered maintenance programs require monitoring the condition of critical fluid systems. In order to monitor fluid condition, a fluid analysis program.



PALLSCOPE Fluid Analysis is unique in scope and contains many features not found in most routine oil analysis packages.




  • A modern state-of-the-art laboratory fully qualified to the strict quality requirements of ISO 17025.
  • Results are extremely quick — you can have data and recommendations in hand within 24-48 hours after our laboratory receives your sample.
  • Real-time, web-based reporting on a secure, password protected internet site ensures that you have virtually instantaneous access to data for both new samples and your full sample history.
  • Our PC-based software program, Compass, helps you to put the data to work for you, rather than just storing it as datasheets in a binder.
  • In addition to an actual particle count and ISO Code, PALLSCOPE hydraulic and lube reports contain a photomicrograph depicting representative contaminants found in your fluid, for a quick “look” inside your system.
  • PALLSCOPE Fluid Analysis is the only service whereby you have access to the vast expertise of Pall Corporation, the world leader in filtration and cleanliness management.

To learn more about how this service can support your needs, contact one of our experts.

What Analyses Do You Get With Your Report?

Standard analyses of hydraulic and lube oil samples include:


  • Particle count by automatic counter with size calibration per ISO 11171
  • Photomicrograph taken at 100X magnification for visual image of contamination
  • Analysis of 24 chemical elements by ICP
  • Water content – either % saturation, or Karl Fischer if saturation is above 100%
  • Total acid number
  • Viscosity at 40 °C


Standard engine sample analyses include:


  • Analysis of 24 chemical elements by ICP
  • Fuel dilution %
  • Soot %
  • Water determination by crackle test
  • Total base number
  • Viscosity at 40 °C
  • Oxidation/Nitration


Getting Started

To start a PALLSCOPE Fluid Analysis program with your company, simply contact you Pall representative. We can provide assistance and training on sampling methods and locations, recommended sampling frequency, and interpretation of the results. 


Using PALLSCOPE Fluid Analysis is as simple as 1-2-3…

  1. Simply take a sample in one of our prepaid sample kits and mail it to our laboratory in the pre-addressed mailer
  2. Our modern laboratory will conduct the industrial or hydraulic fluid analysis and develop specific comments and recommendations.
  3. A complete report is sent immediately by e-mail and a link is provided for the complete web-based data.



Important: The quality of your oil analysis can only be as good as the quality of your sample. It is critical to take a sample that is representative of the fluid contained in your system. For a discussion of proper sampling procedures, visit our website click see How to Take a Fluid Sample. 


In order for our experts to properly interpret the condition of your fluid, and make specific comments or recommendations, it is important to fill in as much of the sample submittal form as possible. A detailed form is required to register a particular machine or system the first time a sample is taken. Future samples from that system can simply be identified with your company name, the system number and date.

How can we help?

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