Primary Metal Coolants & Bearing Lubrication

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Metal Rolling - Coolants and Bearing Lubrication

To meet each of the application specific demands, We offer a range of solutions to purify incoming process water and outgoing waste effluent water as well as lubrication and hydraulic fluid. From our meltblown filter elements for a variety of different applications and viscosities to monitoring systems, we deliver comprehensive protection.


Process Water


Incoming and Coolant Water


For incoming process water and coolant water we offer Aria hollow fiber microfiltration industrial water treatment systems, delivering potable quality water from surface water sources with microorganisms, high particle load, and high turbidity. For cylindrical cartridge filter housings, Pall’s Profile II filters deliver pharmaceutical grade high purity. They are capable of removing trace oils and they are resistant to chemicals as well. Where absolute purity is demanded, we also offers Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems delivering a pure water stream with zero contamination or salts. 


Process Wastewater


For cold rolling wastewater applications, we offer reusable ceramic membrane systems to treat spent oil emulsions. These elements are resistant to extremes in pH caused by caustic degreasing as well as high temperatures    

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Simply pure filters

Athalon Filter Elements

Particulate Capture


For particle capture, we offer Athalon™: it removes particulate contamination from the environment and friction wear that will result in worn bearings, seals and actuators. It is rated Beta x(c) ≥ 2000 It is a compact high-performance filter with a SAE ARP4205 cleanliness rating. This filter will protect both bearing lubrication and hydraulic




For free and dissolved water as well as entrapped gas removal from hydraulic and bearing lubrication fluids, Our vacuum dehydration purifiers are capable of removing 100% of free gases and water in steady state conditions and up to 80% of dissolved gases and water. These systems go a step further by also removing particulate contamination at 99.9% efficiency at 3 microns. 




Our monitors and sensors keep operators abreast of particulate and water contamination. Hand-held and mountable water sensors are available to measure PPM rates or saturation at specific temperatures in hydraulic and lubrication systems. For mineral, synthetic and hydrocarbon-based fluids there are laser light photonic systems and for emulsions and water based fluids mesh blockage systems that act as particle counters.


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