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Forging and Extrusion

Metal production as an industry, faces increasing pressure to improve profitability and quality, while reducing costs and environmental impact. The industry is in need of solutions that allow  better metal production process resulting in superior quality of metal products.


Forging and Extrusion forf metal production


Forging and Extrusion are important parts of metal production process, in each case metal is worked into a shape that can be used for another process. Forging and extrusion require products that provide lubrication and filtration under very stressful conditions. These products need to withstand extreme temperature and pressure situations, and if they fail to meet demands operations and production can be jeopardized resulting in loss of product and reputation.


In forging, at high pressure the plastic deformation of material  between two die is engaged in, this is open or closed die forging depending upon the complexity. Forging was done in the old days to make metal tools from heating and hammering. In forging the grain of the metal is changed as a way to change the metal’s shape. Forging and Extrusion forf metal production


Extrusion production is done by deforming metal and flowing it into a chamber, and then compressing the metal while it is inside the chamber. This process involves extreme temperatures inside the chamber.


We have responded to these industrial demands by developing a full line of industrial filtration technology for the primary metal industry, the latest advancement is the Athalon filter. 

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Athalon Filter

Pall’s Athalon hydraulic and lube oil return line filters offer the ultimate performance These filters combine Beta x(c)≥2000 rated, stress resistant technology, and a full range of housings to provide superior performance.


Athalon filters are laid over pleat (LOP) geometry.  This allows for maximization of the filtration area, increased flow handling, reduced filter element size, and improved fluid cleanliness across the filtration process.  Additionally, this filter improves real world performance with anti-static construction, preventing static damage to the filter element, housing, or fluids. Athalon’s cageless construction makes it 60% lighter than comparable filter elements and reduce disposal costs.  Athalon filter elements can be incinerated or shredded, in addition to crushing. The filter is simple and inexpensive to install or maintain because it uses common port and mounting interfaces.


A filter’s ability to sustain fluid cleanliness for its entire service life is a critical measure of performance. Athalon is the only filter that continues to provide quality fluid cleanliness, even late in service life.


Purifier: water removal


Water ingression is a common topic of concern in particular in extrusion industry : identification with Pall water sensor is recommended  and water removal can be conducted for free water and also dissolved water with Pall purifier range, using the mass transfert technology


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