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Pall Global Webinar Series

Separation Solutions for Cathode Active Materials Used in Lithium-Ion Battery Production


Widespread adoption of Lithium-Ion Batteries for the Electrical Vehicle (EV) market is forecasted to increase over five times the current production values by 2030. At the heart of the Li-Ion battery are the Cathode Active Materials (CAM) that provide the high charge density and service life required to meet the demanding battery performance expected of EV vehicle manufacturers. These materials have strict purity requirements for active materials and slurries that must be controlled and maintained within well-defined particle size properties and that are consistent and reproducible.

In this free to attend webinar, Dr. Thomas H. Wines of Pall’s Application Development Team, will discuss the specific challenges this presents and outline the separation and filtration solutions applied to achieve them. Register NOW to book your seat and review the full agenda.




Thomas H. Wines, PhD.


Director, Applications Development

Pall Corporation


Thomas H. Wines is currently a Director of Applications Development for Pall Corporation’s Fluid
Technologies & Asset Protection (FTAP) Group.

Prior to assuming the above role, Tom was Director of Product Management, Senior Marketing Manager and Senior Staff Engineer for the Scientific and Laboratory Services Division at Pall. He has 30 years of filtration, separation, and purification experience serving the refinery, gas processing, and chemical industries, and is a specialist in the fields of liquid/gas and liquid/liquid coalescing. He has authored 48 technical publications and given numerous presentations in this field at professional societies. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University and is a member of AIChE.

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