How the Latest Generation Hydraulic and Lubricant Filter Technology Provides Superior System Cleanliness and Protection

April 12, 2022

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In today’s manufacturing industries, equipment uptime and reliability continue to be critical factors affecting a facility’s productivity and profitability. Equipment failure due to component wear and unscheduled downtime can result in significant operational and maintenance costs, whether in-plant operations or off-shore scenarios. In some cases, tens of thousands of dollars per hour can quickly translate into millions of lost revenue.


If you work in the industry, you know maintenance issues can wreak havoc on equipment. When production is down, overhead costs increase, customer trust plummets and there is less value to the bottom line. Add to that the pressure to increase production in an ever-changing economy amidst ongoing supply chain issues, and customers need even greater assurance that their industrial lube and hydraulic equipment will run reliably at optimum performance.


Industrial machinery demands robust and long-life filters to keep fluids contaminant free and to remain operational. Without them, companies would be out of business as excessive wear on surfaces and machinery parts gets away from them. For years, Pall scientists have been working hard to address these concerns, constantly improving on the latest technology so customers can access the best product for an application’s requirement.


In our most recent development, Pall introduced the Supralon™ fluid filter elements that improve upon the best features of two of our most popular filter products: Coralon® and Ultipor® III filters. What’s great about Supralon elements is they offer twice the particle removing efficiency and require significantly fewer passes to reach targeted cleanliness levels.


Here are some additional advantages:


  • Beta > 2000 performance efficiency for rapid system clean-up to desired cleanliness levels
  • Stress-resistant technology ensures consistent, reliable performance throughout the filter’s service life
  • A new asymmetric medium pack construction that benefits from stress-resistant filter technology (SRT) along with other material upgrades
  • The addition of anti-static properties throughout the entire product range


An industrial lube and hydraulic filter innovation like no other – a case study


As evidence of real world performance, Pall ran extensive field trials over multiple element change-outs to ensure Supralon filter validity. The results of one study were published in our case study, documenting how a major automotive component supplier was utilizing Pall Coralon filter elements to control the fluid cleanliness supply to 30 test rig stations for the pumps and injectors for off-highway vehicles. In this study, the customer agreed to use Supralon replacement filters to test the performance and service life in their high particulate ingression application, which also sees assembly debris and grease contamination. The test results proved the cleanliness of the fluid and service life of the filter element was the same or better than utilizing the original Coralon filter element, all of which was achieved with no adaptation to the existing housing or increased cost of filtration.


Interested in seeing the full case study? You can access this here.


Looking forward:


Customers using Coralon and Ultipor III filters will receive an automatic replacement of the new product upon inventory depletion. Of course, if a customer orders a Supralon product, the order will be filled with Supralon elements regardless of the remaining inventory. Customers can log onto the e-commerce platform or contact their preferred sales representative to fulfill an order.




The Supralon filter element combines the best materials currently used in Ultipor III and Coralon elements while also providing superior, sustained system cleanliness for enhanced equipment protection at a lower cost of ownership.


If you’d like to find out more, contact us so speak to our specialists or you can search for your existing Pall part number for a replacement Supralon element by using the hydraulic oil filter cross reference tool


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