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For oil & gas production, effective and reliable filtration and separation solutions are essential. Improved filtration across upstream, midstream, and downstream is vital for increased productivity. We offer premium solutions that reduce operating costs, minimize downtime, and enhance overall business performance.


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  • Liquid/Liquid Coalescer

  • Liquid/Gas Coalescer

  • Particle Filtration

PhaseSep® EL Coalescers

Effectively Separate Liquid/Liquid Dispersions Optimize Coalescer and/or Pre-fi lter Life


Pall’s PhaseSep EL coalescer provides chemical/ petrochemical, oil & gas, and refinery plants containing aggressive or high temperature streams with improved separation efficiency via a coarse coalescer format. This product performs well in applications with high solids and difficult oil/water emulsions. The PhaseSep EL coalescer differentiates from bulk separators and commodity coalescers by achieving low OPEX and lower CAPEX with high efficiency contaminant separation.

Efficient separation of water from hydrocarbon streams without disarming

AquaSep® Plus

Liquid Separation and Particle Removal


Entrained water in liquid hydrocarbons and chemicals can be a problem. Hydrocarbons and chemicals, which contain high surfactant concentrations, are particularly vulnerable. Surfactants make water removal difficult for conventional liquid/liquid coalescers and other water separation equipment because they lower the interfacial tension between the water and the continuous phase fluid. The same problem can occur when attempting to separate oil from water. The presence of surfactants also leads to disarming of the coalescer. Pall’s AquaSep coalescer will efficiently separate water from a hydrocarbon stream without disarming.


SepraSol™ Plus


The SepraSol™ Plus Liquid/Gas Coalescer removes liquids and solids from high-flow gas streams that contain high concentrations of liquids. The SepraSol Plus media can process several times more liquid per unit area of media than conventional media and often eliminates the need for upstream bulk separation equipment like mist eliminators and vane separators.

Ultipleat® High Flow Filters


The Ultipleat® High Flow Filter is a large diameter, coreless, single open-ended, pleated cartridge with an inside-to-outside flow pattern. Its unique crescent-shaped pleat geometry, along with its large 152.4 mm (6 inch) diameter and proprietary range of available Pall filter media, permits you to use significantly fewer filters and smaller housings for high flow rate applications. Systems can handle up to 115,443 lpm (30,500 gpm).