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Reliable chemical filtration systems at critical points in the chemical processing process are crucial. It can mitigate the risk of creating inefficiencies in neighboring processes while reducing operating costs and improving end-product quality.


Chemical processing is very sensitive to fluctuations in feed quality and contamination levels. Having the right liquid filtration and gas filtration solutions for raw material is essential. As contamination in the process increases, reaction quality decreases, and the chemical processing steps further downstream suffer even larger negative consequences.  In addition, the contamination presents risks of corrosion and erosion of process equipment, which can stop operations due to costly maintenance operations. Implementing a specialized filtration solution is important to reduce the frequency of maintenance interventions and to improve process efficiency.


Our chemical  intermediate product filtration solutions support different industries to separate liquid/liquid dispersions and remove other types of contaminants. There are various chemical plants with several chemical intermediate processing steps with maximum efficiency in critical reactions, where contaminants could have a detrimental impact. Intermediate contaminants can sometimes report to the final product and affect its quality which must be avoided.


Chemical  final product filtration  guarantees the quality of the end product by removing solid and liquid contaminants.

These contaminants include:


  • Catalyst

  • Water

  • Byproducts

  • Unreacted feedstocks


Our final filtration solutions remove contaminants within the ranges of nano-filtration, ultra-filtration, micro-filtration, and separate free liquid contaminants such as water, oils, acids, and caustics. By eliminating these contaminants, we look to avoid off-specification final products that may not meet customer or market requirements.


Implementation of our industry-leading filtration solutions enhances filtration performance and reliability, improving chemical processing operations and dependent processes downstream.


We offer a wide variety of premium filtration and separation solutions for numerous applications in the chemical processing industry.  To find out more, contact our team of filtration experts.

For more information on improving the efficiency of your processes, contact our team of filtration experts.