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Sterile Filtration of Gases

Microbial contaminants can enter the water and product storage tanks if the tank is not properly protected from the environment with a soft drinks vent filtration system. This can lead to contamination of the batch. Pall Emflon® PFRW filters can be used as vent filters to protect the make-up water tanks and holding tanks from contamination by mold, bacteria and other microbial contaminant.


Emflon PFRW filters, featuring two layers of Pall 0.2-micron polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane, are designed to protect a sterile tank from the ingress of bacteria, yeasts, molds and particles, even in the presence of humidity and moisture. All other filter components are made of oxidation-resistant polypropylene. Fully manufactured assemblies are validated by stringent liquid challenge with Brevundimonas diminuta at 107/cm2 filter area and are 100% integrity tested. Emflon PFRW filters are integrity testable by Water Intrusion and Forward Flow tests. If required, the Emflon PFRW filter can be protected by a Pall prefilter to ensure a long life of the final filter.

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